Traveling with Matilda again



Join us in September 2016 in the next spiritual journey along the Matildaline !

In 2014 and 2015 Selma Sevenhuijsen guided together with Dafne Arlman two highly successful spiritual journeys along the Matilda line right through Italy, along the most important places of her book ‘Queen of the Vatican’. In the years to come we will build on this. In September 2016 we will guide the first English speaking tour. You’re welcome to join us, wherever you come from! With a group of 12 persons plus two guides we will travel in 12 days in a mini bus from Mantova to Roma.

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Mass for Matilda and Gregory

IMG_3250One of the most touching moments in the Matilda year was for me the celebration of Mass for Matilda and Gregory together in Sovana place of birth of Gregory / Ildebrando di Sovana. The organizers had combined both their years of passing – 900 years ago for Matilda and 870 years ago for Gregory.  For the occasion three important towns in the story of Matilda were represented by their mayors – Sovana, Canossa and Bianello. Continue reading

Presenting La Regina in Italy

IMG_19042015 was the year of the 900th anniversary of Matilda’s death, and I spent about half a year in the tower under her castle in Canossa. And what special year it was… It gave me the opportunity to participate in (a selection of) the festivities dedicated to her memory. And it was a beautiful occasion for contributing to her return by presenting the Italian version of my book Regina del Vaticano to Italian readers.

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More and more mermaids for Matilda

One of the key moments in my research for ‘Regina del Vaticano’ was my visit in May 2014 to the Palazzo Barberini in Roma. I was wondering if Urbanus VIII – the Barberini pope who brought Matilda’s remains to the Vatican and commissioned Bernini to make her tomb with the mermaid – had any connections with the symbol of the double tailed mermaid. And I was rewarded: in the Sala della Divina Sapientia I found four sirena’s, one in each corner of the ceiling, each holding a solar disc in their hands. The image would become a logo for my book, and for my heart labyrinth ‘Cuore di Matilde’. Today I brought another visit to the Palazzo, and  – together with my friend Manuela Morici  -.took another good look at the ceiling. A new surprise was awaiting us! Continue reading

21 juni – Lezing in Nijmegen


Interactieve lezing met hartmeditatie en hartlabyrint lopen over ‘Koningin van het Vaticaan. Reis in het voetspoor van Matilda van Canossa’.
Plaats St. Nicolaaskapel in de Valkhof in Nijmegen
Tijd 11.00 – 14.00 uur
Tickets 15 euro
Boek:20 euro in plaats van 25 euro
Opgeven Marga Marcelis,
Toelichting: In de Valkhof werd ooit het huwelijkscontract gesloten tussen Bonifacio en Beatrice, Matilda’s ouders. We zullen dat gedenken en eren met een speciale zonnewende ceremonie in en met het labyrint!

Terre di Matilde


View of the Castello di Rossena from Matilda’s castle

For seven months I have lived in the tower under Matilda’s castle: the photo above shows you the view from my balcony – and it nicely captures the mystical atmosphere that characterizes the area. It was not only a very special place to stay – an historical site of enormous historical importance – , my tower also was a excellent base for little journeys of discovery in the area around Canossa. Continue reading

Church nr. 100?

Last week I was on an academic symposium about Matilda in Marola, the convent that Matilda built to honour Giovanni l’Eremito, a hermit who marked a turning point in the war between Matilda IMG_1144and her cousin Enrico IV. Next to me there was an Italian lady with whom I started a conversation. She told me that I should go to Pieve di Sasso, a nearby church wanted by Matilda. So the next day I went, knowing that I have to follow such a strong advice. Seldom did I have such a strong feeling of being at the right place at the right time… Continue reading

On the road again, through the labyrinth

IMG_0698Saturday 2 may was International Labyrinth Day, with the motto ‘Walk as one at one’, with the intention to create a wave of peace around the world. What better place for me to participate then by walking Matilda’s heart labyrinth in Canossa, celebrating Matilda’s efforts for reconciliation? It worked: we walked the labyrinth with a beautiful, simple ceremony, with 24 persons. It was the first sunny day since weeks… Continue reading

Matilda, Matilde, Mathilde, Mathilda

Matilde_di_Canossa_-_signatureFor scholars as well as for readers it is a little bit confusing how to spell Matilda’s name. Here in Canossa – and elsewhere in Italy – her name is usually written as Matilde. Germans tend to insert an h in her name, turning it into Mathilde. And then you can also sometimes find Mathilda. So when writing my book Queen of the Vatican I had to take a decision about my way of spelling. 

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