IMG_0698Saturday 2 may was International Labyrinth Day, with the motto ‘Walk as one at one’, with the intention to create a wave of peace around the world. What better place for me to participate then by walking Matilda’s heart labyrinth in Canossa, celebrating Matilda’s efforts for reconciliation? It worked: we walked the labyrinth with a beautiful, simple ceremony, with 24 persons. It was the first sunny day since weeks…

That night the labyrinth appeared in my dreams in a most peculiar way. I was guiding people through several Chartres-type labyrinths. After awhile I decided that life on earth had lasted long enough for me. I departed to the ‘other side’ through the centre of one of the labyrinths. After I awoke I realized what an important dream this was. It felt like the archetypal function of the labyrinth had done its work on me: a letting go of everyting in order to reach a ‘second birth’. It’s exactly what I describe in my book ‘Queen of the Vatican‘ in my analysis of the Lucca labyrinth (wanted by Matilda and her mother). I know it took me about a year or more to do the inner work required to progress on my path to reach this point.

IMG_0708Afterwards I decided that the time had come to add another Italian labyrinth to my repertoire, the one on the floor of the Basilica S. Vitale in Ravenna. And what a beauty it is! I had always thought that it would be to small to walk, but I immediately saw that that is not true. In the midst of a large group of tourists I walked the small labyrinth and experienced its energizing effects. Several things struck me: first that the labyrinth is part of an extended floor full of sacred geometry.

Second that at the arrival in the center you see the Cupola with Christ Pantocrator, an image that I also noticed at several churches of my Matilda tour. It confirms the Christian meaning of walking the labyrinth: that of reaching out towards the Christ consciousness. And thirdly I was struck by the arrows on the path: they guide the walker from the centre outside. And when you follow the path outwards you arrive in the omphalos of the Basilica. Indeed my pendulum showed me that there is a point of unity there, while in the centre of the labyrinth a strong feminine energy had shown itself. I would love to know more about all this, but for the time being this was enough for me.

IMG_0758I continued my journey by traveling to the Abbazia di Pomposa, an old Benedictine Abbey in the Po-delta north of Rimini. The first known church here was built in the VIth century, when it was still an island. Later on the Benedictines lived here, and they cultivated the island and its surroundings.

But the Abbey became famous in the 11th century, under the guidance of Guido di Pomposa, an abt who became one of the forerunners of the movement for reform of the Church, that would later be supported by pope Gregory and Matilda. Matilda’s father Bonifacio protected the monastery and went there every year for penitence by self-castigation. He seems to have been a quite cruel man, who mistreated many people, so he had to repair for his sins…. Both the inside and the outside of the church have changed over the centuries, but they are stillbeautiful examples of Romanesque architecture and art.

Before I returned home I saw that the day before there had been a big Matilda manifestation in Pomposa, I just missed it. But it is important to know that also here she is remembered in the appropriate way. And at least it gave me the opportunity to talk with the person in the bookshop about the forthcoming publication of the Italian edition of ‘Queen of the Vatican‘, and to explore if I can present it there.

Afbeelding 1That night Matilda and Beatrice both appeared in my dreams. I saw myself driving from Pomposa to Canossa. On my way I came across two heart labyrinths, and it was clear that one was dedicated to Matilda and the other to her mother. But the incredible thing was that both hearts turned into golden heart labyrinths when I passed by. I still have to decipher the message, but it felt like a huge gift, and the image will remain with me forever. It’s as if a very old connection was healed…