Join us in September 2016 in the next spiritual journey along the Matildaline !

In 2014 and 2015 Selma Sevenhuijsen guided together with Dafne Arlman two highly successful spiritual journeys along the Matilda line right through Italy, along the most important places of her book ‘Queen of the Vatican’. In the years to come we will build on this. In September 2016 we will guide the first English speaking tour. You’re welcome to join us, wherever you come from! With a group of 12 persons plus two guides we will travel in 12 days in a mini bus from Mantova to Roma.

The day to day schedule is as follows:

  • 16 – 17 September: Mantova, Matilda’s place of birth. First day: visit to the Rotonda di S. Lorenzo. Second day: special guided tour through the S. Andreas church with the sacred relics and to the Basilica in San Benedetto Po where Matilda was originally buried 900 years ago.
  • 18 – 19 September stay in Canossa. First day: guided tour through the remains of the castle of Matilda with ceremony in the crypt, followed by a walk through Matilda’s heart labyrinth. At the second day we will visit some special small Matildan churches in the area.
  • 20 September: From Canossa we will travel over the wonderful Apennine mountains along Matilda’s pilgrims route right through her territory ta Barga, with a stop at the mountain pass of San Pellegrino in Alpe.
  • 21-22 September: Barga. First day: visit to the hot baths of Matilda in Bagni di Lucca and to the Duomo di Barga. Second day: Lucca. Visit to the Magdalena Bridge and to the S. Martino Church with the labyrinth and the Volto Santo.
  • At 23 September we will travel through the Tuscan landscape to Bolsena where we will stay for three nights.
  • 24 and 25 September: stay at the shores of Bolsena Lake, connecting with the Etruscan roots of the story of Matilda. First day: visit to Sovana, place of birth of Pope Gregory VII and of the Etruscan mermaids and hollow roads. Second day: boat tour and visit to the Isola Martana, that has a very special role in the story of Matilda and of the feminine divine. Closure at Matilda’s door in the Duomo di Santa Cristina in Bolsena.
  • 26 September: drive to Rome, with in the afternoon visit to the San Clemente church.
  • 27 and 28 September: first day: visit to the Vatican Gardens and Matilda’s tomb in St. Peter’s. Second day: walk and visit to the Island in the Tiber, with special closing ceremony.
  • 29 September: departure

Goal of the journey is to connect with and between Matilda’s places, and through these with the feminine divine, the notion of the sacred couple and unity consciousness. We will do this amongst others by explanations, meditation, energy work and by walking the labyrinth. Active input of the participants is highly appreciated. The journey not only guides you along beautiful landscapes and sacred places and an unknown chapter in European history, but also offers ample space for inner growth!

Practical information

  • Costs: 1850 euro. This price includes:
    • Transport in minibus plus professional driver during the entire journey.
    • Stay in good quality hotels and bed and breakfasts, in double rooms. In Rome we will sleep in a Monastery.
    • Experienced guidance by Selma Sevenhuijsen and Dafne Arlman
  • Additional:
    • Flying to Verona and from Rome, depending on where you come from.
    • Lunches, dinners and tickets for monuments: around 400 euro.
    • Prolongation in Rome on an individual base or in a small guided group is possible.
  • Please make arrangements for a travel insurance.
  • Further information:, or
  • The practical organisation of the journey is in the hands of Dutch travel agency Hemminkways You register with them, better as soon as possible, but with 1 April 2016 as a deadline. Acceptance in order of registration. They can also set up your travel arrangements if you want so.