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At 22 10632760_984693688222829_27218300681070073_n (2)november 2014 the Dutch edition of ‘Queen of the Vatican’ was successfully launched in the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam. It is only the start of a wider range of activities. 2015 will be an important year for the story of Matilda di Canossa, since she died 900 years ago. It is the occasion for many activities in Italy, that will bring her alive again in the collective memory. Selma will join in with several activities.

Firstly she will provide a series of interactive lectures and interviews about the book in the Netherlands, and probably also elsewhere. The lectures are aimed not only at reviving the story of Matilda’s life, but also at bringing across the message hidden in her sacred places, and the energy they convey for the transformation period in which we are living right now. The dates will be published under ‘workshops and lectures‘.

The second project is to publish the book in Italian and in English. The translations are on their way, and we will keep you posted on this site and on the FB page Selma Sevenhuijsen – a story of Matilda di Canossa. Book launch of the Italian version to be expected in Canossa and Rome… We will keep you posted!

The third part is that Selma will live at Matilda’s castle in Canossa from April till October. The castle will be a podium for a range of activities that commemorate Matilda’s extraordinary life. Selma will write about it in the blog on this site: by subscribing to the blog it is as if you are present. She will also at special occasions guide visitors through the heart labyrinth under the castle, that she helped to design and that she inaugurated in 2014.

The fourth part is – as always – traveling. Selma will again guide a group along Matilda’s footsteps, from Mantova to Rome. She can also guide persons on shorter trips in the Canossa area or in the Lucca/Barga area. See the page ‘traveling with Selma‘. But she will also travel alone, in an ongoing journey of discovery along Matilda’s sacred places. New discoveries to be revealed in her blog!

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