The heart labyrinth

Years ago I intuitevely started to draw labyrinths in the form of a heart. From there I made Afbeelding 4them in the landscape, in the deep valleys and on ancient altars of the Etruscans – as part of my spiritual journeys there. Intuitively I felt that this was a meaningful way of working with the labyrinth. The heart labyrinth brought new insights to me and the people who walked it with me – that love for the Self and love for the Earth are related. Or is it an old wisdom that wants to come back in this world? I found out that the heart labyrinth is an appealing symbol: by its shape it invites people to walk an inner path, strait-forward to the abode of wisdom in ourselves: the heart. It has the capacity to open your heart, and from there to connect us with the Divine.

After these first experiences the heart labyrinth spread itself. Others started to make new but similar designs, and published them on internet and on cards, or drew them in the sand and made them with lights at special celebrations. In 2013 the heart labyrinth returned on my path when a friend asked me to make one in the Pitigliano area, to heal an inner wound. We made one in the Fiora valley (a sacred river long before the Etruscans), along an ancient footpath to a Templar sanctuary hidden in the rocks. For its construction we used the stones that are laying next to the river. Making and walking the heart labyrinth there moved me to the bones, and the photo flew over the internet. How could I know then that it would show me the way towards Matilda’s heart?

A few moths later I wa1661197_378294655663554_2624021242755659481_ns in Canossa, discussing with friends the place and the design for the newly planned labyrinth there. Walking in the fields under the castle, along the nut trees that are growing there, the memory of the heart labyrinth in the Fiora valley returned to me. It made me clear that we had to make a heart labyrinth for Matilda. It would be a way of honoring Matilda’s love for the world, and remembering the Wisdom that guided her life. And it would connect the walkers with the energy of her love, and help them to recover hidden wisdom in themselves.

10730908_410598772421459_8444912844081881033_nAt 26 July 2014, at the 889th anniversary of her passing, we initiated the heart labyrinth with a group of 12 persons. Since then the labyrinth is called  Cuore di Matllda, Matilda’s heart. Read Queen of the Vatican for the more detailed story. Afterwards the heart labyrinth accompanied us on a journey through Italy with 12 women. Now it was made with red cords on places of our choice. And people walked it during the presentation of the book in Amsterdam.

It is my hop10801593_411287252353800_7596229140773031197_ne that Matilda’s heart labyrinth will be frequently walked in 2015, the year of the commemoration of her death, as has happened already in 2014. May it be a meeting ground for persons from different walks of life. And of course you are invited to use the design for yourself: make it in your garden, in nature, in churches and in the streets of your villages and cities, as a celebration of Love’s wisdom and as a sign for new times to come!



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