Travel with Selma


Matilda’s landscape in the Canossa area (Reggio Emilia) radiates an incredible beauty and mystery. It contains a message about her spiritual life and her connection with the Earth.

Selma provides tailor-made guided tours through the area. Just contact her if you want to travel with her along special places. And keep an eye on her diary.

Two times already – in 2014 and in 2015 – Selma has together with Dafne Arlman guided a group of 12 persons along the ‘Matildaline’, from Mantova to Roma, from Matilda’s place of birth until her tomb in the Vatican. Both journeys were extremely successful. Travellers all have gone through a process of personal growth through connecting with traces of the divine feminine. By doing joint ceremony on sacred places – energy work,  labyrinth walking, prayers etc. – these journeys are uncovering ancient wisdoms for all of us and for the places that we visit. The ‘string of pearls’ as described in ‘Queen of the Vatican’ further becomes alive through this!

A similar journey is planned for 2016. Look on the page ‘Agenda’ of this site for more information and how to subscribe. We are awaiting you!

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